Artist’s Statement

I believe that successful art enlivens its environment by establishing a dialog between people and space. The art requires a place to live and an audience to give it life. It is the artist’s challenge to find the sense of an environment and then develop creations that add life.

About the Artist

I was introduced to the work of Alexander Calder at the age of 15. Immediately hooked, I began making small mobiles from wire, wood and found objects. As my artistic perspective grew at the School of the Arts, I began attempting larger and larger mobiles, which ultimately lead to study engineering at NC State University. Today, in addition to traditional artist’s skills, I also employ the tools of physics, computer modeling and modern materials to design and build mobile sculptures large and small.

I have had the good fortune to be recognized by members of my community and institutions with opportunities to build suspended sculptures ranging from 3 inches to 30 feet. Sometimes the little ones weigh a lot and the big ones weigh a little but the challenge is always to fill the space that the environment demands.